Finoarte means competence, creativity and responsibility at every step we take. It means constant expansion of perspectives, travelling beyond the limits of present and commitment to be the best. In architecture, interior design, graphics, construction, furniture manufacturing, consulting, and project management.

The team of finoarte has got a superability to meet the most complicated challenges and provide solutions quickly and at the highest quality level. This was made possible due to a unique system of panoramic project management, principles of three-dimensional workflow coverage and high quality standards.

The agency has developed and implemented more than 500 conceptual solutions and projects in the field of HoReCa, private and commercial real estate. Every project expands far beyond the notions of ‘like everyone’ and ‘usual’ and always stimulates reactive development of business of the agency’s clients. The brands of Borjomi, Gettaxi, Ivoclar Vivadent, «MIR», Go Coppola, B.U.B.L.I.K, Lambic, Too much, Edge, Cofix and many others are among the clients of finoarte.

Finoarte is five basic departments and activities:

finoarte design studio 
The architectural bureau and design studio.Provides services of interior design, architectural and graphic design.

finoarte construction
The general contractor for all projects of the studio.Providesfull-cycle building and assembly jobs for projects.

finoarte craft
Our own furniture and interior brand. Manufactures original branded furniture.

finoarte consulting
Provides auditing services develops concepts, launches and manages projects, recruits and train personnel.

finоarte event
Provides PR- and SMM-support, organizes events and is engaged in strategic communications.