Year of foundation: 2009

Main activities: interior design, architecture, graphic design, equipment, decoration, author’s supervision.

Segment: restaurants, cafes, bars, fastfood, offices, public spaces, private interiors.

Auditing of existing shop


  • Analysis of existing concept
  • Analysis of losses and revenues
  • Analysis of managing component
  • Analysis of visitors’ satisfaction with menu and service
  • Consumer analysis (influence of brand, interior, competitive comparison)
  • Marketing budget and plan analysis (historical and existing one)
  • Marketing communication analysis

(mass-media, PR, loyalty programs, digital promotion tactics etc.)

  • Analysis of materials for POS
  • Analysis of menu development strategy
  • Analysis of suppliers and calculation
  • Analysis of personnel and contractors’ auditing


New concept development


  • Marketing concept of the shop
  • Branding
  • Brand identity (logo, colors, typographic, signboards, user manual)
  • Basic values of the brand
  • Brand deployment (positioning, values and culture definition)
  • Brand strategy (positioning, history, naming)
  • Brand implementation (mediums design)
  • Financial model
  • Business-plan
  • Concept-album and presentation


Menu research and development


  • Recipes’ documentation (selection of recipes and dishes combination)
  • Food analysis and caloricity marking
  • Marking system
  • Product analysis
  • Classification of allergens
  • Database development
  • Consultations on nutrition and menu
  • Selection of suppliers
  • Recommendations on choice of raw products
  • Menu draft and optimization
  • Menu design
  • Calculationandpricing
  • Product mix design
  • Selection of equipment
  • Tableware selection
  • Recommendation on takeaway package
  • Delivery menu development
  • Recommendations for small-scale business
  • Recommendations on HAACP (State Standards/GOST)


Bar list update


  • Innovations and implementation of new alcohol drinks
  • Mixology
  • Craft tendencies
  • Efficient LTO (Limited Time Offer)
  • Wine trends and selection
  • Bar menu design
  • Bartenders evaluation and training
  • Development of sales and revenues’ tactics that work best fora given segment
  • Development and adjustment of technical part of the bar
  • Equipment layout and placement

Shop technology


  • POS (Point Of Sales) systems
  • KDS (Kitchen Display System) systems
  • Innovation technologies’ implementation into FOH & BOH

(Front Of House & Back Of House)

  • Planning, reporting and budgeting systems
  • Wage and accounting systems
  • Online order systems and mobile apps
  • Booking systems and tables and guests’ accounting systems
  • Card payment systems and bonus card programs
  • Internet and telephony
  • Guest wi-fi
  • Music and sound systems
  • Website development
  • Menu digital versions development
  • Video surveillance systems




  • Strategic communications
  • Brand audit
  • Target audience and basic communication channels definition
  • Evaluation of efficiency of current company positioning for mass-media and target audience loyalty level
  • Comparative analysis of PR-activities of competitors
  • Public opinion analysis
  • Communication tools selection
  • Communication strategy development and implementation
  • Communications with mass-media
  • Engagement of information partners
  • Press-events arrangement
  • Collaboration with mass-media as an external press-service
  • Media-list development
  • Establishment of mass-media loyal pool
  • Press-releases development and distribution
  • Arrangement of special events for mass-media

(press-conferences, press-tours, roundtablesetc.)

  • Mass-media publications’ monitoring and analysis
  • Arrangement and implementation of special actions and events
  • Events and PR-campaigns concept development
  • Creative development of event’s scenario
  • Engagement of well-known newsmakers and celebrities
  • Speechwriting for public events
  • Implementation of public events of any format

(press-conference, presentations, press-tours, press-lunches, round tables, corporative events etc.)

  • Internal corporative PR
  • Survey of internal state of company
  • Development of content forthe brand’s website
  • Company booklets development
  • Teambuilding events arrangement for employees
  • Corporate image shooting to promote company’s PR in mass-media




  • Personnel relationships building
  • HR-department auditing
  • Personnel support service prior to shop opening and afterwards
  • Management team development (establishment, training, evaluation)
  • Communication systems development
  • Company’s policy and corporative values elaboration
  • Compliance systems audit
  • Security systems establishment and development
  • Loss prevention