City Cafe Ksenia Sobchak

Exterior design, interior design, author’s supervision. The area of ​​320 sq.m.
The project was implemented in 2017
Almaty, st. Valikhanov, 170, boutique-mall COLIBRI
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Denis Sidorov, Alexander Pushkaryov

Though Kseniya Sobchak has never managed to become Madam President and a new face of the country where bears walk on the snowy streets playing balalaikas, she has become an ambassador of a city café B.U.B.L.I.K in Almaty where most delicious European dishes are served. Almaty today is a mix of new Moscow, London and New York. This is why the café’s interior shall look modern and stylish, which complies with a mood of capital, and at the same time easy and natural, which is so European. Also it has to correspond with the bright public image of many-sided Kseniya’s personality. This is not surprising that we were the third design agency to be called by the owners, who had rejected all the previous offers. But we consider the situation to be normal as we often act as crisis managers in the sphere of design, being able to save any type of interior.
And this is what we did: we went beyond the convenient frames and refused to apply boring straight lines, dim colors and dull textures of surface modelling. The seating rows we turned to be 35 degrees to the walls, in different directions, the established diagonals were accentuated by geometrical elements of walls, furniture, floor, lamps and by broken lines of art-objects. There are two stories in the café. The interior of the first floor is light and airy, with huge windows to be opened in order to turn the room into a porch. There is dimmed light on the second floor, lots of plants, soft coaches and a giant round-shape mirror with a contour that literally shines, remanding either shaded Sun at the moment of eclipse or a fantastic planet. The first and the second floors are connected with incredible stairs built by our own project.