Premium format restaurant and night club

Branding, graphics for interior, exterior design, interior design. Area of 1800 sq. m.
The concept of 2017
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Alexander Pushkaryov, Alexey Svirin, Artem Shepel

Prior to development the interior design for Borary — a premium class Pan-Asian restaurant and club — our team traveled to Dubai. We have visited a number of local luxurious shops in order to find inspiration and ideas for the concept. The trip was impressive, and the followed-up design proved to be really original one — both authentic and modern. The basic idea for the interior supposed to combine architectural traditions of the countries of South-East Asia. The entrance to the restaurant is made as a wooden curved portal copying the ornament of ancient Chinese gates. The waterfalls on the both sides of stairs resemble a bridge across the river. There is an open kitchen and light, lace-like barriers that smartly divide the space on zones with no blind walls. The barriers, walls and ceilings’ are decorated with bars ornamented with floral and geometry of Chinese style. The same ornaments are used for the interior of nightclub located on the second floor, though transformed into more modern bionic and parametric variations. The interior of Borary is made of natural materials (shale, timber, marble and onyx), mostly of dark shades. The brightness is provided only by the dynamic RGB-illumination painting the room with any color out of endless options. In addition to the interior design we have developed a mobile app for Borary to be used both to book tables/make orders and communicate in the local social network.