Mill Budwieser

Czech Beer restaurants’ chain

Re-branding, logo, corporate style, illustrations and décor.
The project was implemented in 2016
Shopping center “Capitol” (Moscow, Vernadsky Avenue, 6)
Shopping center “Khorosho!” (Moscow, sh. Khoroshevskoe, 7)
Project participants: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova

For Melnitsa Budwieser Czech beer restaurants chain we have re-branded their corporate style and written a fairy-tale of a Czech mill, a friendly and hospitable place not far from Vidrovice village, having illustrated it with gravures. All the parts of this large-scale project formed as ingle story, thoroughly elaborated. The restaurant’s logo, the pattern and graphic elements of the trade mark of gravure or exlibris style. The logo with a mill on the hill unfolds the legend and reflects classical book illustrations; the advanced version provides a lot of thoroughly elaborated details. At the same time the monochrome, black&white logo looks modest and modern. The same style has been used for the trademark pattern of sketched beer glasses, lobsters, pretzels, spikes, etc. The pattern is widely applied in the restaurants’ décor and souvenirs: for the menu in the form of old hard boards, covered flour sievesused for the bills, canvas bags filled with grain to book tables, crafted packages and wooden trays to carry beer glasses that makes the shop look very special. The corporate style is also reflected in the original wooden trays for appetizers and meat dishes — these are made in the form of pinions easy to joint together — as well as by butcher’s hand axe with a handle in the form of a small axe stuck into hard board.