Coffee-shop ‘All for 60 rubles’

Naming, branding, graphics in the interior, exterior design, interior design, consulting. The area is 1200 sq.m.
The concept of 2017
Project participants: Anna Afanasyeva, Igor Belyaev, Zhanna Mark, Nikolay Yarin

FixEAT is a city café of original format, one of the projects highly valued by us as if it were our own child. This is why we were engaged not only into development of its trademark style and interior design — which is what we have been doing perfectly for a long time — but into creation of the entire concept of the shop. We came up with the name, sketched a logo, composed a delicious menu of more than 100 entries, and selected the suppliers, so that the shop could sell high-quality coffee, tasty breakfasts, snacks, main courses and bakery at the same fixed price — not exceeding 60 rubles. The idea of affordability in the initial concept of the café formed their corporate style and interior design. We dismissed the idea of complicated identity with a lot of sophisticated elements and chose a laconic style for the logo by using a free non-serif font. The circle with inscribed café name that repeats itself in the bright dot above the i-letter sets the basic shape for the counter, furniture and interior décor of different restaurant formats. Contrasting colors and original geometry of the space are softened by rounded shapes and plain materials. Together, all these décor elements accentuate the affordability and openness of FixEAT, which attracts both the youth and the adult visitors.