Rooftop-zone of a company’s office

Interior design. Area of 120 sq. m.
The concept of 2017
Moscow, the lane. 1-st Derbenevsky, 5, BC “Derbenevskaya Plaza”
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova, Alexander Pushkarev, Artem Shepel

When a new and dynamic Moscow office of Gettaxi had a chance to open a terrace on the roof of business-center facing the Moscow River, their representatives came to us for assistance. They wanted to create a stylish hangout to arrange parties and open-air events for their clients and employees, as well as to build a sports ground with bars and equipment to exercise outdoors. The summer season had just started, and we had to prepare the visual concept for the informal roof-space at shortest time. The design included a bar area with a 6-meter-long standing bench in accordance with our original sketch, a lounge area covered with sunshades and equipped with wide and comfortable sunbeds and chairs, and a sport activity area. The cozy space of the terrace is separated from the rest territory of the roof with giant shelves filled with natural plants in wooden boxes and an incredible 3-D silhouette of the city. We have built a multidimensional town by using a number of cardboard structures arranged in three lines. In the evening these are illuminated with a LED ribbon to create inspiring atmosphere. In the same manner the recognizable figure of a Gettaxi logo man on the road is illuminated too. Over the bar that opens a breath-taking view of the city the bright lamps in form of glass jars — our own finding — are hanged. We also have decided to use at maximum the capacities of solar batteries as the most saving and safe energy source. Unfortunately, the project has not been implemented because the company moved to a new office, but it is still one of our favorite works.