Burger shop of fast-casual format

Branding, graphics for interior, exterior design, interior design. Area of 150 sq. m.
The concept of 2016
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova, Nikolay Yarin

The corporate style of HAMburger restaurant that was planned to open in Krasnodar is one of our first projects in the sphere of graphic design. When we started the project it was only an idea of development of new burger restaurants’ chain in the best traditions of America. In order to implement the idea first of all we decided to create a recognizable black, red and white logo, having divided the name of the restaurant on two parts, visually turning them into ingredients of a tasty burger with a juicy steak in the middle — the burger itself. A number of existing trademark’s colors, types, options of sketches and illustrations allows any combinations for the brand visualization in advertisements, menus, posters, souvenirs and any other possible mediums. For instance, there is a branded burger-wagon designed to cook and sell burgers. Apart from the format of a street café on wheels, we have also elaborated a design concept for a stationary café. Having decided not to transfer entirely the well-known American classic diner style to the domestic grounds, we mixed various styles’ elements. Thus, HAMburger Restaurant has brick walls, black forged elements and wooden panels, more common for a BBQ snack bar, which coexist with ultra-bright furniture, lamps and decorative details of the branded red, yellow, white colors specific for fast-food.