IDC Borjomi

The main office of "Borjomi"

Interior design, graphics. Area of 380 sq.m.
The project was implemented in 2017
Moscow, the lane. 1-st Derbenevsky, 5, Business Center “Derbenevskaya Plaza”
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova, Alexander Pushkaryov, Nikolay Yarin

Mineral water “Borjomi” has been known for a long time. The company IDS Borjomi International  is by far  the largest producer of natural mineral water in the CIS countries and continues to rapidly develop, opening new offices all around the world. In 2017 finoarte design studio was invited to design the Moscow Borjomi office. The new interior had to be light, fresh, eco-friendly, consistent with the principles of the company and associated with the qualities of the water “Borjomi”. And it turned out to be that way: the blue floor under your feet, the blue panels on the ceiling, the white reception desk, the decor in the form of blue triangular light panels, light furniture and spotlight, skillfully compensating for the lack of windows and natural light, literally from the threshold, transferred to the atmosphere of pristine beauty and natural Freshness.