Banquet karaoke-room

Exterior design, interior design, author’s supervision, equipment, general contract. The area is 560 sq. m.
The project was implemented in 2015
Moscow, st. Pushechnaya, 7/5
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Anna Budanova, Eugene Pozharsky, Alexander Pushkaryov, Denis Sidorov, Nikolay Tverdov, Artem Shepel, Nikolay Yarin

In 2016 a new karaoke-bar ‘Quadrille’ was planned to be opened in a mansion located on Pushechnaya street, Moscow. This was an ambitious challenge — to build the best, in all aspects, karaoke-club in the city. For this purpose a team of professionals was gathered to create a new concept; and we dedicated ourselves to the most significant task — we developed an original and high-quality interior of five rooms with festive and stylish atmosphere. Everything is bright, loud and artificial in ‘Quadrille’, as if in a show-cabaret. There is an Indian blue enormous fireplace and ten-meter-long bar of rainbow colors in the main hall. The sophisticated interior is accentuated with decorative light: the ceilings, floors, walls, and columns can shine with every color due to RGB illumination. Even the rooms where interior seems to be classis in the daylight, look totally different in the evening, being illuminated with neon lamps. The pretentious and intricate show-interior inspires the visitors to release their musical and artistic talents; and the installation of impressive woman’s legs supporting the ceiling stimulates imagination.