Little Muck

City format bakery

Naming, branding
The project was implemented in 2016
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova, Nikolay Yarin

A client may show us only a business-idea and in the end receive a comprehensive product with elaborated concept, unique name, corporate style, selected contractors and reliable management model. This happened to the chain of mini-bakeries ‘Malenky Muck’. At our first meeting the client was happy to share their idea of development of a unique format bakery, supposed to cook and sell in large trade centers their mini-pies and buns as snacks to go. We have developed the idea to the full-fledged concept, worked out the naming and corporate style. Thus, Malenky (Little) Muck — a character of Hauff’s story — turned into a bakery’s host. Due to his magic shoes he can both run fast and quickly bake his delicious pies. For the logo we have specially designed a funny character known by many since their childhood, the little man who is rushing to cook mouth-watering dishes. The bright corporate style is developed in accordance with principles of constructor and consists of a few dozens of multicolored modules with repetitive cartoon elements: spike lets, spirals, triangles etc. Their multiple combinations used for various printed materials: stickers for various packages, labels, business cards — remind a patchwork and are associated with richness of Eastern bazaar. The combinations of yellow, blue, light-blue and red branded colors create an easy and fresh feel.