Mill Budwieser 2

The flagship beer restaurant Budwieser Budwar

Interior design, exterior design, author’s supervision. The area is 580 sq. m.
The project was implemented in 2016
Moscow, sh. Khoroshevskoe, 7, center of trade and entertainment “Khorosho!”
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova, Alexander Pushkaryov, Nikolay Yarin

Melnitsa Budwieser located in a center of trade and entertainment «Khorosho!» is the second shop of the beer restaurants’ chain of the Czech brand Budwieser Budwar, for whom we developed the interior. And this is a totally different project: light colors prevail in the interior, there are huge panoramic windows, the place is airy and spacious. The advantages of natural light are used at maximum so that the interior itself looks fresh and light, carrying the mood of a morning on the farm. The image is amplified by natural and nice-to-touch materials, such as timber and straw. The room is divided on secluded houses (sections) and pavilions under triangular roofs, there are wooden floors and fluffy benches and sofas. The area of an open show-kitchen is home-style decorated as well: there are brick stove-like walls, and some sofas may also be used as swings. Despite the essential differences, this restaurant — Melnitsa Budwieser — and the Flagman Restaurant located on Vernadsky Avenue, have common décor elements that are the trade mark of the chain: the menus in the form of old hard boards, sieves used for the bills, stylish trays and canvas bags filled with grain to book tables, etc.