Mill Budwieser

Czech Beer restaurants’chain

Branding, exterior design, interior design, author’s supervision. The area is 550 sq. m.
The project was implemented in 2016
Moscow, Prospect Vernadsky, 6, Shopping and Entertainment Center “Capitolium”
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova, Alexander Pushkarev, Denis Sidorov

Melnitsa Budwieser in ‘Capitoly’ Trade center is a flagman restaurant the beer restaurant chain of the Czech brand of Budwieser Budwar in Moscow. In order to develop the interior we had to study life on a farm, history of Czech beer and ancient flour-grinding production and created a magical world on the territory of the trade center, which is scrupulously elaborated though not looking bizarre. The basic theme of the restaurant’s interior is the mill. Thus, lots of elements, lamps, ceilings are made in the shape of pinions, windmill sails and grinders. There are not only high chair sat the bar but high bags filled with grain to sit on. The barrels and big pinions used as tables; lamps and lights suspended by ropes and copper façade pipes implement the concept of the restaurant. The menus in the form of old hard boards, sieves used for the bills, stylish trays and canvas bags filled with grain to book tables make the shop look very special.