Office of the largest russian electronic payments company

Interior Design. Area 690 sq.m.
The concept of 2016
Moscow, st. Bolshaya Tatarskaya, 11a
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova, Alexander Pushkarev, Denis Sidorov

IT companies all around the world introduce advanced technologies not only in medicine, education and finance, but in their own office space. Finoarte design studio presented the concept of interior design of a part of the office of one of the Russian companies of electronic payments. almost 700 square meters with an outdoor terrace. This allowed to  place here a library, a playroom with board games, a lounge zone with a dry pool, a lecture room, a VIP meeting room and even a fitness room.  In creating a modern and comfortable eco-space, designed for communication, sports and leisure for employees, innovative solutions were applied. For example, anamorphic graphics, creating optical illusions and allowing you to model space as you like without changing the layout. And also dynamic lighting, which adapts to the planetary daily cycles and changes the color temperature and intensity during the day.