Oz bar


Graphics in the interior, interior design. The area is 452 sq. m.
The project was implemented in 2016
Krasnodar, st. Winged, 2, mall OZ MALL
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova, Alexander Pushkarev, Denis Sidorov

A powerful and shiny model with incredibly long fins – its flamboyant back wings – and four stars on its sides is a legendary Pontiac Star Chief Bonneville from Detroit, a symbol of glorious era. Elvis Presley has already been declared to be a king or rock-n-roll, Marilyn Monroe has not been starred in ‘Some like it hot’ yet, and a young senator John Kennedy – the hope of American nation – is only planning to run for president, and everyone is fond of rockets, journeys to space and Moon. We must confess that we adore the American style of 50ies, this is why we were happy to use an opportunity to demonstrate our interpretation of it via the interior of OZ bar to be opened in Krasnodar.
This is not so easy to make an interior principally different from those popular chain cafes with the same concept by using traditional stylistic markers. But we managed to do that. We took all the same classic colors of American diner – red, white, black and turquoise – a mandatory neon banner, chromed elements, juke boxes and mirroring ceilings, but we placed all those details into a giant petrol station inside the restaurant, which reflected both retro and futuristic styles. To be correct, this would be a petrol station of the future as it would have been imagined in the 50ies. This was the petrol station where we parked two big Pontiacs to provide an additional ride.