The project was implemented in 2016
Project participants: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova

We were inspired by life itself to start producing our own furniture and interior elements – actually there was a business need in all of that. The more commercial architectural projects we implemented and the braver was a decision to be made, the more often we realized that there was no ready-to-used furniture we needed, and the search of manufacturers to implement our ideas in time and at the high quality level turned into a mission impossible.
That was the moment we came to a conclusion that a lot of that we could make ourselves.
This is the story of finoarte furniture brand. At the initial stage the company was supposed to manufacture original furniture, individual interior elements and hand-made décor for the design agency’s projects and in the future – to produce small collections on the regular basis.
Rightlines was the chosen brand name, its corporate style to be developed was quite reserved. The logo was based on an original face of letter R. With the one letter we managed to translate a number of meanings: the sign-letter reminds a shape of a chair, which announces the field of company’s activity, and is made of a few lines thus revealing the meaning of brand name. Additionally we developed a several versions of cover and modular make-up for the furniture catalogues straightaway. The covers’ textual modules include broad black frames – however, the bright lines of the logo and contrasting illustrations diffuse the massive types, balancing it with the heavy elements of make-up.