Lounge hookah-bar

Branding, graphics in the interior, interior design. The area is 200 sq.m.
The project was implemented in 2016
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Daria Bukhanova, Alexander Pushkarev, Denis Sidorov

How to develop interior design, corporate style and open a new shop in Moscow within a month, having a very limited budget? This mission was impossible for anyone but us, so the owners of Shaman Hookah-bar could only come for help to our studio. The skill to meet impossible challenges and implement tasks at high quality level and in short time is one of our superabilities. We have managed to develop quickly a bright and flamboyant style and recognizable interior which are now the trademarks of the shop. The visual concept merges sacral images of aboriginal cultures of North and South America, Australia and New Zealand. Rock carvings, masks, patterns borrowed from various American Indian tribes became the basic line for the entire color solution, logo, pattern and decorative elements of the interior. The traditional Indian patterns — zigzags, diamonds and waves — are used for the furniture upholstery, floor patterns, bar design and even for the original layout of wooden beams under the ceiling. The beams, brightly illuminated, cut the space of bar by their zigzagging lines and sharp angles and thus create additional background illumination. The walls décor includes original illustrations — stylized Maya Indians’ masks and various characters of naïve rock carvings.