Financial analysis company office

Interior design, author’s supervision, equipment. The area is 930 sq. m.
The project was implemented in 2016
Moscow, blvd. Enthusiasts, 2, BC Golden gate
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Alexey Svirin, Artem Shepel

In 2016 the portal, engaged in analysis of banks and insurance companies’ services, was planning to enhance their activities and move to a new office. The company set an exciting challenge for us — we had to build a modern and practically feasible office with space to grow on by using the maximum of the area and volume (area — 930 square meter, height — 6 meters). In accordance with the plan provided by the top management, in two years the company’s staff was to grow three times, and the office space had to be suitable for the rapid development. The challenge was complicated by the fact that we had only three months to finish with the interior design, building and kitting. Moreover, for the interior we could use only the finishing materials that had already been procured by the company. As a result, we managed to develop a multifunctional office-constructor whose rooms can be transformed in accordance with various purposes. By using barriers, controllable light and accentuated colors for the interior, we provided space zoning: defined a number of common working spaces, offices and conference-rooms, separated the editorial staff and rebuilt the second floor for a kitchen and a lounge-area equipped with suspended arm-chairs, table football and a reading room. An original visual effect was provided by contrasting light in different parts of the office — there is cold light in the corridors and warm light in conference-rooms.Finally we created a stylish and non-standard working space most suitable for a dynamically developing IT-company.