Office of the company producing Toffifee, Mercie, Mamba

Interior design, the area of ​​800 sq. m.
The project was implemented in 2016
Moscow, business center Vivaldi Plaza
Participants of the project: Belyaev Igor, Yarin Nikolay, Pushkaryov Alexander

One of the basic principles of finoarte design studio is to be always one step a head. While companies may spend a great deal of time on preparations and approvals we manage to create a number of interesting projects. This can be proved by our collaboration with a German company, one of the TOP 10 of the world confectionery manufacturers. The sketches of interior design and floor-plan solution for the company’s office with the area of 800 sq. m were drawn only within three days, exactly before the New Year celebrations. As a result, our project won the tender and was implemented.

The company’s office is of minimalistic and simple design, which has been customized by our original solutions for illumination, geometry and light. For instance, having separating the corridor from the working open space with glass barriers, we illuminated them from below with a LED-ribbon installed into a metallic profile. This method provided an interesting effect — seems that the light is being emitted by the glass. For the floors, doors, walls, accentuated elements of the ceilings and furniture we used warm shades of caramel and chocolate. Which helped communicate, via the interior design, the fact that the company is a confectionery manufacturer, and merge different parts of the office into a single unity.