Too Much beer&wine

Beer Gastro-Pub built by the creators of LAMBIC

Branding, graphics in the interior, exterior design, interior design, author’s supervision, equipment, general contract. The area is 150 sq. m.
The project was implemented in 2016
Moscow, the lane. Maly Gnezdnikovsky, 12
Participants of the project: Igor Belyaev, Alexander Pushkaryov, Oleg Raevsky, Nikolay Yarin

Too Much bar-restaurant has accommodated the best beers, wine collections of America and Europe, popular foods and snacks. Only the beer menu includes more than 100 entries selected from 6 countries. The bar concept and the fact that the shop is located in a mansion of XIX century, built of brick walls that still bear the factory stamps,has given us the idea of development of ambiguous yet simple interior. On one side it is a warm loft, on the other — it is a laconic and reserved Nordic with gray concrete surfaces. The brick work is accentuated with black straight and crossing lines — forged decorative elements, metal bars, central heating batteries and patterns on the wall. The dark shades are combined with light colors of wooden tables, chairs and stools, ceiling beams and an original giant cabinet that divides the space on two parts and is used simultaneously as a closet, bar and counter. The light is adjusted in order to illuminate exactly the surface of tables and the tableware in some parts of the room and glass surfaces reflecting the light in the other parts. An open bar serves to break any stereotypes as it faces the visitors: there is no classic bar in Too Much, and the draught beer faucets are installed directly into the wall. This, as well as high windows that are left open, help create a friendly and live, easy atmosphere. In addition to the interior design we developed an original Too Much logo: the asymmetrically drawn name of the bar where the infinity sign replaces ‘oo’ for Too, inscribed into an edgy black contour, resembles a print of an icy-cold beer glass left on the table.