Fish restaurant

Interior Design. Area 280 sq.m.
The project was implemented in 2017
Moscow, Pyatnitskaya st., 53
Participants of the project: Belyaev Igor, Yarin Nikolay, Pushkaryov Alexander

There are three ways to arrange a sea in Moscow. The first way is to spend billions of rubles to dig a giant channel to the Baltic Sea and bring tons of sand. The second is associated with borderlines of consciousness and is not legally approved. But the third way has been made possible: we replicated the natural seaside atmosphere in an old mansion located in the historical part of Moscow – the cozy Zamoskvorechye. We had to work with a two-storied space of six meters height ceilings and giant windows, and we decided to turn it into a place that would look like a small European fish restaurant, but more stylish and modern.
The interior was made to be fresh, open and bright. Summer sunny colors are dominating – these are incomparable combinations of sand and sea. Blue and yellow walls and furniture, boarded ceilings painted white, light sliding shutters on the windows and lots of green plants – the only lacking thing is a fresh sea breeze and whispering waves.
The restaurant’s specialty is fish, seafood and perfect wines. This was the reason why we made the kitchen open, equipped with a special ice area where one could choose a dish for dinner. The second floor accommodates wine cellars.
The sea theme is sophisticatedly accentuated with the ceiling, partly the floor and tabletops with their scale fish décor elements and various ropes, cables and knots. Though the most stylish element of décor and the main feature of the new interior is a six-meter-long boat frame.
Being made of thin sheets of metal by real shipbuilders, it is suspended in the central part pf the restaurant to merge the two floors into a single conceptual space.